Spark Fhir server

C# Reference Implementation for HL7 FHIR



This is the official C# Reference implementation server for FHIR DSTU-2 by Firely. This server is built with the C# FHIR API . This server is regularly reset and filled with the official resourceIdentifier examples.


We built this FHIR server to test your client against. It is also open sourced to help the C# health community give a quick start in FHIR implementations. Look at our other FHIR products.


FHIR is the latest Health communication standard from HL7. FHIR aims to be a lot simpler than HL7v3, without sacrificing information integrity.

SIMPLIFIER.NET registry is the most feature complete FHIR registry server on the internet.

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Download Forge to start editing profiles such as structure definitions, extensions.